Tag Heuer Grand Carerra CAV511G.BA0905 Men’s Watch

Written By: Kaelyn Harding Whether you are a fan of high-fashion or simply a fan of science-fiction, the Tag Heuer Grand Carerra CAV511G.BA0905 could be the watch for you. Men of all ages, this could be the sleek space-age timepiece that completes your wardrobe. While the CAV511G.BA0905 is one of the older models in the Grand Carerra.. read more →

Tag Heuer Carerra CV2A10.BA0796 Men’s Day Watch

Written By: Kaelyn Harding As far as high-luxury watches go, many of them are worth their weight in cold hard cash. Fashionistas of all ages can get behind the Tag Heuer brand as a supplier of high-quality accessories – however their Carerra CV2A10.BA0796 Day Date Men’s watch is a design that the fashion world has seen.. read more →

Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAH1210.BA0862 Ceramic Quartz Watch

Written By: Kaelyn Harding Luxury items, especially high-end accessories, tend to rely upon minimalism to make a bold statement in modern fashion. It is with pleasure that I can say that the new Tag Heuer Formula 1 CAH1210.BA0862 is an expression of quality and style that does not forsake the little details that truly defines.. read more →


Written By: Kaelyn Harding Tired of high-fashion men’s watches looking clunky? If so, then the Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAF1015.BA0822 will not only bring a sense of elegance back to your wardrobe, but also peace of mind. You really can have a watch that is both practical and trendy – and for a fraction of the cost.. read more →

Three Piece TAG Heuer Bluetooth Headset Is Groundbreaking Technology

TAG Heuer not only designs amazing wristwatches, but also high tech devices like the Bluetooth Headset, which will arrive this year.  The wireless earpiece is just one more reason why TAG Heuer is one of the top innovative companies in the world. The new Bluetooth Headset is very unique in that it is a three-in-one.. read more →

TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision Eye Glasses Are High Tech

TAG Heuer seems to be on the cutting edge of technology with its timepieces and the introduction of its proven natural frequency technology.  Now the company has done it again with its eyewear line.  The TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision optics has been recently released to the public after being worn in the recent Le.. read more →

DiCaprio And TAG Heuer Promote The Green Tesla Roadster Car

Luxury watch company TAG Heuer and its celebrity spokesman, Leonardo DiCaprio, have come together again to promote a clean environment with Basalworld’s tour of the fully electric Tesla Roadster sports car. DiCaprio has helped make the TAG Heuer brand famous with his promotion of the Aquaracer 500M timepiece. His new venture into the world of.. read more →

TAG Heuer’s Ambassador List Is Growing

There’s a new female TAG Heuer ambassador in town, Suzann Pettersen, who is the golf champion for Norway.  Pettersen is the second woman to join the honored team, next to tennis star Maria Sharipova. Other TAG Heuer ambassadors are men, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, the late Steve McQueen, Jack Heuer, Jenson Button,.. read more →

TAG Heuer’s Men’s MONACO LS Chronograph Calibre 12 Shapes the Timepieces of the Future

Once upon a time, “Revolution” was topping the airwaves, Steve McQueen was behind the wheel of his Porsche 917 at Le Mans, and the automatic square blue chronograph on his wrist was toppling the supremacy of the small round white timepiece. The MONACO by TAG Heuer would forever change the way the world looked at.. read more →

TAG Heuer-Tesla Roadster Revolutionizes Electric Vehicle Technology

TAG Heuer celebrated its 150-year anniversary with an important stop at in Gurgaon, Delhi in India.  This has been part of an Odyssey of Pioneers to Asia tour, along with exciting news that the company has joined forces with sports-car maker Tesla in the creation of a brand new electric sports car called the TAG.. read more →