TAG Heuer Mercedes Benz SLR

Guys, if you have been searching for the perfect testosterone injected timepiece…your search is over.  May I present the TAG Heuer Mercedes Benz SLR Men’s Watch CAG7011.FT6013.  This exceptional TAG Heuer men’s watch is all the timekeeping you may ever need.  The style is undeniably handsome and strong and the functionality is all high quality.. read more →

TAG Heuer Women’s Golf Watch in Pink

The TAG Heuer Women’s Specialist’s Watch Collection is one that all women can appreciate.  Designed by Tiger Woods and intended to be the ultimate women’s golf watch, the Specialist line does carry with it amazing timekeeping abilities, but so do all of the TAG watches.  The thing I love about these timepieces is that they.. read more →

TAG Heuer Carrera Women’s Watch in White Alligator

Although many of you think of TAG Heuer as a men’s only line…the fact is that they offer a diverse and beautiful collection of women’s watches, as well.  The TAG Heuer Carrera Women’s Watch # WV2212.FC6264 highlights their feminine side elegantly. The TAG Heuer Carrera Women’s Watch # WV2212.FC6264 is a female version of the.. read more →

The Best TAG Heuer Formula One For The Money

TAG Heuer watches are just as popular as ever, because of their high quality standards and exceptional styling.  Since 1860, this watch maker has been turning out one fantastic creation, after another. The TAG Heuer Formula One Men’s Watch # CAH7010.BA0854 is another fine example of watch making excellence.  If you’re looking for a great.. read more →

TAG Heuer Men’s Aquaracer is High on Style

If you want to buy your husband a watch that he can wear everywhere and keep for years, you must look at the TAG Heuer Aquaracer collection.  These men’s watches are traditional in design and exceptional in function and quality.  There is nothing that will put a smile on his face faster than a TAG.. read more →

The TAG Heuer Formula One Women’s Watch is High on Style

The TAG Heuer Formula One Womens Watch model number WAH1211.BA0861 is the ultimate in high fashion sport design.  TAG Heuer watches are coveted by men and women alike, but this watch is all for the ladies.  Offering the ever modern white bracelet, the Formula One women’s watch is sophisticated and a bit trendy.  This watch.. read more →

TAG Heuer and Brad Pitt, Sport Luxury Meets Sex Appeal

TAG Heuer certainly has a special way with marketing their watches.  I mean, is there any man (other than my husband) sexier than Brad Pitt?  Sure, he’s wearing a watch, but if you’re a woman you’re probably just looking at his eyes!  Having Mr. Pitt as a brand Ambassador is brilliant.  He exudes everything that.. read more →

A Watch for the Third Millennium: the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887

For five generations, TAG Heuer has been master of the microsecond, beginning with the 1/100th-of-a-second Mikrograph stopwatch in 1916 to the 2006 Calibre 360, the first mechanical wrist chronograph to beat 360,000/hour. Four years ago, TAG Heuer started working on the design and development of the Calibre 1887, a stunning automatic chronograph that harkens back.. read more →

TAG Heuer Women’s Aquaracer WAF1313.BA0819 Is Diamond Luxury

There are ordinary timepieces that function with precision then there are TAG Heuer watches made with style and accuracy that goes beyond the standard.  The TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAF1313.BA0819 for women is another exceptional timepiece that is absolutely stunning. The body of the Aquaracer timepiece is made of gorgeous brushed steel with two tones in.. read more →

TAG Heuer WAC1214-BA0852 Formula 1 Glamour

Formula 1 never looked so good in the sparkling TAG Heuer WAC1214-BAO852 women’s timepiece, made of stainless steel.  The watch is stunning with 120 .75 carat bezel set diamonds, which are certified 1 for clarity. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Diamonds ladies watch is driven by Swiss quartz movement designed to provide accurate timing.  Inside.. read more →