25 Jul 2010

Three Piece TAG Heuer Bluetooth Headset Is Groundbreaking Technology

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This new device is a Bluetooth earpiece, USB charger and flash drive

TAG Heuer not only designs amazing wristwatches, but also high tech devices like the Bluetooth Headset, which will arrive this year.  The wireless earpiece is just one more reason why TAG Heuer is one of the top innovative companies in the world.

The new Bluetooth Headset is very unique in that it is a three-in-one mechanism that acts as a hearing device, and USB flash drive, and a USB charger.  No other product exists making TAG Heuer the first to develop this technology.

Those who enjoy sleek and modern gadgets will be pleased with the TAG Heuer earpiece.  The shape is rectangular, with brushed silver and matte finished black plastic.  The front of the headset is embossed with the TAG Heuer logo.

As far as the capacity of the flash drive, that will at about 4 gigs.  The TAG Heuer Bluetooth earpiece will also allow up to four hours of talk time.  There is already a lot of excitement and anticipation over this new creation, which was officially announced last February with recent photos having been released.  This all-in-one headset should be a head turner and break new ground for technological gadgets.


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