07 Sep 2011

TagHeur Formula 1 CAH1110.BA0850 Watch Review

CAH110.BA0850 Watch, Formula 1

CAH110.BA0850 Watch, Formula 1

Written by: Caitlin Rojas

As close to a race car as a watch can get, this Formula 1 Chronograph Watch, Model CAH1110.BA0850, is a fine specimen of TAG Heur’s avant-garde style and features, while remaining simple and easy to use. The Formula 1 series, inspired by the extreme performance styles of the Formula 1 racing teams, is a highly functional, extremely stylish timpiece, that guarantees exact time measurement. TAG Heur is, after all, known and widely respected for their advanced technology and ability to accurately measure time. They provide the official timing services for the Olympic Games, and all Formula 1 Racing events. The name TAG Heur is one that is well known for its technological precision, stylish excellence and cutting edge style.

This watch, in particular, is an amazing blend of style and functionality. The analog face is not only an extremely accurate time telling device, but functions as a stop watch as well. The Chronograph Functions with a 30-Second, 60-Second and 1/10th of a Second subdials. This feature is extremely useful for athletes, with two buttons: one to stop/split time, and the other to stop/reset time. The masculine stainless steel band, with a 20-millimeter thickness, joins seamlessly with the brushed stainless-steel case and unique scratch-resistant titanium carbide unidirectional bezel. The stunning bezel, which comes with time indicators in units of 5, is completely scratch resistant, as is the face of the watch, which is made of a classically hard-to-break sapphire-crystal material. Additionally, the watch comes with a diving extension that boasts water resistance up to 200 Meters (roughly 600 feet,) which makes scuba diving ¬†with this bad boy a breeze. (You wouldn’t want to be late for post-scuba cocktails, would you?)

The Necessary Details?

Formula 1 CAH110.BA0850

Formula 1 In Action

  • Solid 44 Millimeter brushed Stainless Steel Case
  • Checker Flag Decorated Case-Back
  • TAG Heur Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Diving Extension
  • Fold Over with Safety Clasp
  • Case Thickness: 12.5 Millimeters
  • Bezel Material: Titanium Carbide
  • Calendar Function: Date
  • 16 oz Weight
  • 20 Millimeter Width Band
The downsides of this watch are few, though some users complained the bezel came off too easily, during jogging or strenuous activities. Others claimed that the multi-functionality was a bit too much to handle and they found all the features to be confusing. Those who had problems with this watch, however, seemed to be the minority, and anyone used to using a watch with dual functions (those being a: telling time, and b: functioning as a stopwatch,) will probably have no issues with this stunning watch.
The Formula 1 Series is sturdy, gorgeous, and full of gadgets – something that any man could use on his wrist. Its also durable and functional, as its famous wearers, Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, will surely attest. Coming in anywhere between $700 and $1100, its a reasonably priced luxury watch as well.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Looking Good in his TAG Heur




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  1. CAN110?

    should be CAN1110


    should be 41MM

  2. sorry, is CAH1110


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