17 Jul 2010

TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision Eye Glasses Are High Tech

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The TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision optics pictured in a black frame

TAG Heuer seems to be on the cutting edge of technology with its timepieces and the introduction of its proven natural frequency technology.  Now the company has done it again with its eyewear line.  The TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision optics has been recently released to the public after being worn in the recent Le Mans car race earlier this year.

The specialized eye wear are unique in that this the first ophthalmic mask for night vision glasses, which creates a contrast and improves drivability.  Drivers typically experience “universal nocturnal myopia,” a natural condition that occurs, which affects the sharpness of longer distances.  TAG Heuer has employed a patented technology that increases the sharpness and helps make driving at night a lot safer.

The Squadra Night Vision eyewear is a modern, ergonomic designed made from lightweight titanium.  Plastic and soft rubber covers the body and ear pieces, making for a very comfortable fit.

The lenses of the TAG Heuer eyeglasses are shatter-resistant and protect the eyes 100 percent from UV rays.  Two shields are available in either black or yellow.  The average retail price for the Squadra is around $450.00

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  1. I don’t see any LED’s on glasses, I thought that you needed to have LED’s for night vision to work. Question how do this glasses work without a filter and LED’s. Most of all infra-red technology has LED’s even the night goggles for army.


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