10 Feb 2011

The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition Men’s Watch

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TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition

So, you’re looking for an out of this world watch…have you seen the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition?  Priced at nearly $80,000 the V4 is out of most of our budgets, but that’s why women invented window shopping.  It doesn’t cost a thing to look at it.

The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition is as much fun to watch as it is to show off to others.  This great looking men’s watch is made of 170 grams of Platinum and that only begins to speak to its uniqueness.  The first, rather startling aspect of this watch is its movement.  The watch is run using a series of belts instead of pinions.  These belts are the smallest made in the world and utilize ultra thin wire, which provides strength.  The power reserve for the V4 is 52 hours and the watch only looses or gains about 4 seconds a day.

In addition to the TAG Heuer V4’s mechanics, the open faced styling allows you to see its fascinating craftsmanship in all its glory.

The limited edition watches might be out of your league, but you can be certain that someone will come along with an affordable (although, less respectable) replica…


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