28 Dec 2011

Tag Heuer Men’s WAJ2112.BA0870 Aquaracer Calibre 5 Automatic 500M Watch

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Written by: Jatinder Sandhu

If what you’re seeking from a watch is performance, longevity, and immaculate style, then the Tag Heuer Men’s WAJ2112.BA0870 Aquaracer Calibre 5 Automatic 500M Watch is a timepiece to be reckoned with.  This watch is not only aesthetically pleasing with interesting design elements to admire, it’s built with the resistance and quality you’d expect from an Aquaracer.  This luxury aquaracer watch from Tag Heuer is sure to turn heads with its impeccable style and precision coupled with durability in its sleek and compact design.  The blue dial and white hands on the face of this watch make readability easy, a face of luxury that holds more power than what meets the eye.
Pros:  What sets this Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch apart from other water proof watches of its kind, is that it is intended to outlast the others.
  • Tag Heuer promises this watch to be water resistant up to 500 meters, more than the standard 200 meters offered by other watches of its class.
  • The sapphire scratch-resistant crystal protecting the dial and the fold-over clasp with double push button for safety lets you go on your expeditions with the piece of mind that your luxury watch will be safe and secure.
  • The dial displays the are on the left-hand side of the screen rather than the right.  Perhaps this design element will add the sense of symmetry that your other watches have been lacking.

Cons:  While this watch is stunning, it comes into question if you’d want to spend so much on a watch that you’d take with you out on the open sea.

  • The Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAJ2112.BA0870 costs $2850 at retail value, which is perhaps more than you’re comfortable bringing with you on our high-seas adventures.  A luxury watch with such a hefty price tag is hardly disposable.
  • The two-year manufacturer’s warranty that this watch comes with affords the piece of mind that any defect related to the movement of the watch will be covered.

The Final Word:  Valued at $2850, this is more than the average person may want to invest in a water-proof watch.  Elements to consider about this watch, is that it is a luxurious work of craftsmanship with swiss quartz movement and raised numbers on the dial (rather than printed,) which is a feature you’d only see on luxury watches that easily cost double of what this one is worth.  If superior quality is what you’re after without paying Rolex Submariner prices, then get this watch.

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  1. This is a great looking watch. Sadly a $50 times would last longer and if it did break at least they would sand by their warranty. 40 days into owning this beautiful time piece it broke. Sent it back to Tag who claimed it was not a warranty issue but also noted that after the $300 repair the remainder of the 2 year warranty for this watch would e void. No explanation was given.


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