04 Jun 2012

Tag Heuer Men’s Carrera CAR2111.FC6266

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by Jerrica Tisdale

The Tag Heuer watches promise “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860.” These watches are unique and embody many of the great Avant-Garde sentiments. They resemble fusions of classic sports watches and modern luxury watches. These are beautiful timepieces that any collector would love to have in their collection. The unique nature of the designs and the quality of the watches make them rare must have pieces.

One of the wonderful pieces from Tag Heuer’s Carrera collection is the Tag Heuer Men’s Carrera CAR2111.FC6266.

The Carrera CAR2111.FC6266  clock shines as the silver and the black bond to treat a stunning watch. You could lose yourself just staring inside the window trying to understand all the intricate details.The window contains a chronograph feature, shows the second hand dial, has polished stainless steel hands, and a calendar. The window highlights many of the watch’s great features. Some of the watch’s other features are:

    • Water resistant  for 100 meters
    • Invisible double locking clasp and push button
    • Sapphire scratch resistant crystal
    • 41 mm (1.61 in) diameters
    • Chronograph automatic
    • Transparent casing
    • Crocodile leather back
    • Main dial’s matte silver colored
    • Adjustable strap

Tag Heuer Carrera CAR2111.FC6266


Tag Heuer WV2116.FC6180

      The great thing about the Tag Heuer watches are that they are all pretty unique in their look and features. So it’s probably rare to not find at least one watch that matches your personal preference. One counter choice to the Carrera CAR2111.FC6266 is the Tag Heuer Men’s Carrera Automatic WV2116.FC6180. These watches are similar in their color: silver and black, and shape, but they’re almost completely different in many other things. Here are more of their differences:


        • WV2116.FC6180 is only water resistant for 50 meters;  the CAR2111.FC6266 is water resistant for 100 meters
        • CAR2111.FC6266 has a chronograph, the WV2116.FC6180 does not.
        • WV2116.FC6180 measures 39mm diameters and the CAR2111.FC6266 measures 41mm diameters
        • CAR2111.FC6266 has an 8in strap, and the WV2116.FC6180 has an 8.5in strap
        • WV2116.FC61180 costs $2,700 and the CAR2111.FC6266 costs $4,800.

Here are some other ways they are similar (besides color):


        • Both use crocodile wristbands
        • Both have scratch resistant crystal
        • Both contain the calendar date feature
        • Both automatic

There are a lot of noticeable differences between the Carrera CAR2111.FC6266 and the WV2116.FC6180 . The Carrera CAR2111.FC6266 is a little more complex in design then the WV2116.FC6180, so picking between them may depend on simplicity vs. complexity.

The Carrera CAR2111.FC6266 is a unique watch, but that does not exclude it from having some of the same problems as many other watches.


          • The silver and black combination balance each other visually
          • It has a lot of cool features for the price
          • Cool unique modern design


          • It can be visually overpowering with all the features inside the window
          • It may not appeal to those that prefer their watches to look classic

The Tag Heuer Men’s Carrera CAR2111.FC6266 watch is for the man that wants a modern classic. It’s unique in its look, and contains many advance features for a watch this price. It’s great to look at, and even better to show off. If you’re a man that’s really into a good deal, and futuristic looking watches, then this is your perfect match. If you’re a man that prefers the simple days of watches just being a basic timepiece, then this is not your cup of tea. If you’re a man that generally likes to collect watches, then this is a must have watch. The Carrera CAR2111.FC6266 is a true timeless timepiece. If you are looking at buying your next Tag heuer, here is a good place to start.


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