18 Jun 2012

Tag Heuer Link Automatic Men’s CAT2010-BA0952

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by Jerrica Tisdale

Tag Heuer watches are luxury watches that are more affordable than many of the other luxury watch companies. For this reason, and many others, people continue to choose Tag Heuer watches.

If you’re considering a Tag Heuer watch then you might like the Tag Heuer Link Automatic Men’s CAT2010-BA0952 watch .

This silver and black watch really grabs your attention. From afar it seems like a simple timepiece, but the closer you look at it, you can see little great details. For example, you can see in the clock window that it isn’t just a plain watch but a chronograph one. It also has the date calendar inside the clock as well. Some other cool features are:

  • Scratch resistant crystal
  • Hidden folded clasp and push button
  • Anti-reflexive sapphire
  • 100 meters water resistant
  • Stainless steel casing

Tag Heuer CAT2010-BA0952 Watch

Tag Heuer CAT2011-BA0952 Watch

If this watch doesn’t quite strike your fancy, maybe you don’t like the colors? Well if  so, a similar watch to the Link Automatic CAT2010-BA0952 is the TAG Heuer Men’s CAT2011.BA0952 Link Chronograph Watch.  These two watches look very different, but they share many of the same features. They’re both chronograph watches, water resistant, scratch resistant and have a tachymeter bezel function.  They are even priced similar. The CAT2010-BA0952 sells for $2,700 on Amazon.com. The CAT2011-BA0952 watch sells for $2,595 on Amazon.com. The only real difference between them is the colors. The CAT2010-BA0952 is silver and black. The CAT2011-BA0952 is a completely silver watch. Choosing between each watch depends on what  color combination you prefer.

Though the Tag Heuer Men’s Link Automatic CAT2010-BA0952 watch has many positive attributes, it also has many negative ones.


  • Great price for a luxury watch
  • The colors and design are very masculine
  • The clasp makes it easy to adjust on the wrist


  • The second hand speeds up
  • It’s hard to see the time on this watch, making it almost impractical as a time telling watch
  • A little too simple looking for some

The Tag Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph Men’s CAT2010-BA0952 watch is amazing to glance upon. It’s very masculine looking and seems like an expensive watch. The chronograph adds an extra advance feature to an overall simple design. The watch is also priced reasonable for a luxury watch. Would you rather pay a couple thousand dollars, or tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a great watch? The only glaring negatives is for a watch it seems impractical to use to tell time. But if the chronograph feature is enough to draw you in, then this watch just may be what you need.


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