05 Dec 2011

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch CAV518E.FT6016

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Tag Heuer Grand Carrera CAV518E.FT6016

The king of the Grand Carrera sports luxury watches.

Written by Leslie Foss

Tag Heuer has been closely associated with sports such as the Olympics and Formula 1 for nearly a century, and has built a reputation making split-second sport watches.  This Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Chronograph Automatic CAV518E.FT6016 takes that precision and adds luxury materials for a truly special timepiece.  Priced at $11,500, it’s the most luxurious of the brand’s Grand Carrera series, and you will soon find out why.  But before I even describe it’s beauty, let’s talk about the numerous functional details:


  • Automatic (not quartz) movement
  • Date at 6 o’clock position
  • Rotating system disc
  • Fixed tachymeter bezel
  • Secondhand moves with vibrations at 28.8/h (which means it moves very smoothly)
  • Deployment buckle clasp
  • Comfortable rubber band (length 8.5 inches)
  • Waterproof (to depth of 100 meters)
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
All these wonderful gadgets mean you will be able to time an object moving and estimate it’s speed.  You can tell time to the second, and always know the date.  The clasp is designed to stay secured in case you accidentally knock it against something.  It’s easier to put on than a traditional buckle, and the rubber will not show wear like a leather band.  The automatic movement is a must in among luxury sports watch afficionados, and is rooted in Tag Heuer’s history.  They have been making automatic Carreras for 40 years.  The waterproof guarantee is another indication of this watch’s fine workmanship.  The back is nearly as beautiful as the front, with sapphire crystals revealing the inner workings, and screws in the case.  Many features like this are part of a perfected design that has made the Carrera popular for many years.  But the Grand Carrera Chronograph Automatic CAV518E.FT6016 also wins points in aesthetics, too.
Wrist Appeal:
  • 18K rose gold bezel
  • Pvd titanium case
  • Black dial
  • Rubber band (contrasts with the gold and titanium)
  • Hand applied logo
  • Double sapphire case back
I appreciate the three colors of this watch in the titanium, rose gold, and black.  They are like three character traits that bring mechanics, style, and masculinity together into one body.  So we’ve gone over all the positive aspects of the Grand Carrera, but are there any negatives?  The two main complaints about this watch are:
  • The rose gold is a bit too “blingy.”
  • The date function seems unnecessary.
Of course, these two complaints are a matter of taste.  Some men will put on this watch and love the rose gold; it adds a spark of luxury to the otherwise sporty look. Some will opt for one of the other two watches in the Grand Carrera series because they don’t want the gold look.  As for your watch telling you the calendar date, it sounds entirely useful and practical to me.  But, again, some people don’t use this feature much and would rather not have it.
The Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Chronograph Automatic men’s watch CAV518E.FT6016 is truly a masterpiece of fine quality workmanship, rich materials, and beautiful design, and ought to bring a satisfied smile to more than a few men of discerning taste.

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