19 Nov 2011

Tag Heuer Grand Carerra CAV511G.BA0905 Men’s Watch

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Picture of CAV511G.BA0905

This futuristic timepiece would have done the team from "Back to the Future" justice. It looks just as modern as it does sleek.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Whether you are a fan of high-fashion or simply a fan of science-fiction, the Tag Heuer Grand Carerra CAV511G.BA0905 could be the watch for you. Men of all ages, this could be the sleek space-age timepiece that completes your wardrobe.

While the CAV511G.BA0905 is one of the older models in the Grand Carerra series, its design is clearly forward-thinking. The symmetrical sub-dials on the clock face make a simple, yet effective flourish against the black ceramic and the steel studs for the time-markers help to keep the face from becoming too complicated. The sharp hands of the clock are guided by a self-winding chronometer and are easily spotted against the  dark ceramic. The band is made of brushed steel, providing a textured surface which reduces the unsightly appearance of smudges and grime, and therefore reduces the maintenance of the watch.

Between the scratch-resistant and waterproof sapphire-crystal cover and the lifetime-replacement guarantee for the batteries in the CAV511G.BA0905, it is clear that luxury and quality is still the name of the game. The subdials of the clock tell the seconds as well as the date at a glance. The varying shades of steel in this piece lend a very “2030” sense of modernism to a relatively simple design.

The downside of this watch is that the knobs that control the subdials are small and close together. For many men, it is an ordeal to manipulate them without turning another knob. The most obvious drawback, however, like all pieces of fashionable accessories from a name brand, is the price. While the original retail price of the CAV511G.BA0905 was $6,600, nowadays the cost is more like $4,975. This is, of course, due to the fact that the Tag Heuer line has moved on from this model in the Grand Carerra series and is busy producing new quality items.

Despite the relative age of this timepiece, it should not be overlooked simply because it is a little outdated. Many satisfied customers agree that it is one of the more popular designs, even if its price still lingers in that “questionably attainable” zone of finance. Even if you are still vacillating over the matter, consider again that this Grand Carerra predecessor is a design worth examining, even if it’s only a glance on the manufacturer’s webpage. It never hurts to know what designs you like.


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