02 Jul 2012

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Jack Heuer Limited Edition CV2A1F.FT6033

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Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 17 Jack Heuer Limited Edition CV2A1F.FT6033 by Elizabeth Lowry

Who needs gold when you can have rubies? This Monaco Grand Prix timepiece runs on the strength of 25 of them. The primary difference between this watch, the CV2A1F.FT6033, and Tag Heuer’s CV2A1F.BA0796 is that this watch has a spiffy black rubber strap stamped with a tire-tread design. But this design doesn’t reflect just any tire tread—the Carrera Calibre 17 strap replicates the iconic 1964 Formula 1 tire tread. In this regard the CV2A1F.FT6033 is similar to Hublot’s Big Bang Gold Ceramic model. However, in my opinion, the Tag Heuer is a bit more sophisticated than the Hublot because it is less flashy and little lower on the “bling” quotient. However, keep in mind that this Tag Heuer watch is made with the same quality materials, top notch workmanship and the same exquisite care and attention to detail as any Hublot.

Like its stainless-steel counterpart, this 43mm Monaco Grand Prix’s black aluminum bezel is stamped with red “Monaco Grand Prix” lettering. The Monaco Grand Prix logo as well as a “Limited Edition” number are stamped on the polished steel case back. The crystal covering the watch face is anti-reflective and made of scratch resistant sapphire, which means that you would need to rub it back and forth across an uncut diamond to sully its pristine surface. The black dial is set off by luminescent hands touched with red, as well as hand-applied indexes, with numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12. Further, in true racing-style, the bezel of both Tag Heuer’s Grand Prix models are also inscribed with a tachymeter, which helps measure speed. If you are into math, this feature will be a major plus next time you attend (or participate in) any sort of race. If you are not into math, rest assured that the tachymeter will make you look the part anyway.

The reality is that while the black rubber “tire design” strap may look cool, it will most likely need replacing at some point–unlike the stainless steel bracelet strap on its counterpart, the CV2A1F.BA0796. However, it must be said that Tag Heuer’s warranty program is strong: to begin with, the warranty is extremely comprehensive and will cover just about everything. Secondly, the warranty is international, so you can get your watch repaired at multiple locations around the world. Thirdly, although the initial warranty lasts for two years, an additional warranty of one year will be added to whatever work was done on the watch the first time around. Customers who have bought watches from an approved Tag Heuer retailer have reported a high level of satisfaction with the warranty coverage and with the watches themselves. Worth it? In my opinion, yes…and definitely more so than a Hublot.


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