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28 Dec 2011

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Automatic Men’s Watch WAJ2150.FT6015


By Katherine Chen

Tag Heuer watches are renowned because they do everything that a watch should—keep time and do so accurately and stylishly. The Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Automatic Men’s Watch WAJ2150.FT6015 absolutely fits the high standards that you would expect from the Tag Heuer brand, and is also a dive watch that a sportsman can rely on both in and out of the water.

This particular model within the Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 line is impressively designed with extra features. The dial is black with vertical guilloche details, embossed with the Tag Heuer insignia and additional subdials.

Other features include:

  • Swiss automatic movement
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Automatic date at 9 o’clock
  • Transparent exhibition back
  • Black rubber checkered strap with embossed Tag Heuer logo on outside and molded Tag Heuer inscription on inside (and easily adjustable according to customer reviews)
  • Deployment clasp

For the outdoor enthusiasts, the Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 WAJ2150.FT6015 comes loaded with features particularly catered towards water sports. All Aquaracer models are rigorously tested by Tag Heuer to ensure water-resistance—and the watches in the 500M Calibre 5 line are waterproof up to 500 meters, a vast improvement over the standard 30 meters that most luxury watches can withstand. An automatic helium valve (at 10 o’clock) regulates pressure and protects the watch when you are in the water. The WAJ2150.FT6015 also has a 60-minute diving scale on its bezel for those who are serious divers. The hands of the watch are also luminescent, and the date display magnified, for added visibility during murky water conditions (or just everyday use in the office for those of us who habitually glance at the time). And even the clasp has a diving extension system and safety-push buttons for extra diving capabilities.

As an added bonus, this top-of-the-line Aqauracer watch has a stainless steel and gold case, with a fine brushed gold unirotating bezel and hand-applied indexes. Not only is this watch good for divers, but its luxurious crafting makes it a great accessory for the office as well.

Of course, you have to pay for all the bonuses that this watch includes—the MSRP of $3,850 might be a bit steep to make this an everyday purchase, but a happy alternative might be another watch in the Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 line (there are many options available in terms of straps, cases, colors, etc.). You can also try shopping around on Amazon to find a discount that puts this watch in your price range. In addition to the price, there are a few additional caveats to purchasing and using this watch:

  • Not a chronograph (which some people prefer)
  • Loses some time each day due to the automatic movement (one customer pegged it at about 3 seconds a day—you can decide if that’s enough accuracy for your timekeeping needs)
  • Potential smell of the rubber bracelet (some customers have complained about the rubber having a strange smell when the watch was purchased from discount vendors—so choose your seller with care!)

You can’t go wrong with the quality that the Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Automatic Men’s Watch WAJ2150.FT6015 affords. Plus you can say that you wear the same line of watches as Leonardo DiCaprio, a celebrity whose sophistication and stylishness is well known around the world. Definitely consider the WAJ2150.FT6015 if you’re in the market for a new luxury sports watch—it works great and looks great, and what more could you want from a watch?

3 Responses to Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Automatic Men’s Watch WAJ2150.FT6015
  1. Dear sir/mdm, where can i buy this watch. thanks

  2. I have this beautifully gold-steel TH 500m dive watch… well it is very a sport-luxurious watch indeed.
    purchase date in 2012 but until now 2015 still one of my favorite among my watch collection.
    Bravo TH!


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