03 Jan 2012

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 M Calibre 5 WAJ2110.FT6015

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Written by: Kimberly Lavoie

If you like water sports like swimming, surfing, and diving, you need a watch that can go with you into any activity you choose. The Aquaracer 500 M WAJ2110.FT6015 by TAG Heuer  is a watch to look at. This watch has a great design and several features that make it well-suited for the water sports enthusiast.

Lots of watches claim to be water-tight, but the Aquaracer series is designed by and for professional divers. The WAJ2110.FT6015 is water-tight to 1640 feet (500 meters) and includes components essential for diving. The black rubber strap is equal to underwater activity and is secured by a double security clasp. The hour, minute and second hands are luminescent, as are the indexes to ensure readability. In addition the unidirectional bezel serves as a simple chronograph. Since the bezel only turns in one direction it won’t inadvertently increase your dive times if it gets bumped accidentally. The bezel also has six large studs on the sides to allow for manipulation while wearing dive gloves. Other features include:

TAG Heuer WAJ2110.FT6015 Aquaracer 500 M back view shows exhibition case back

Back view of TAG Heuer's WAJ2110.FT6015

  • Anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Exhibition case back allows view of Swiss automatic Calibre 5 movement
  • Helium valve at ten o’clock regulates pressure and protects your watch
  • Magnified date window at nine o’clock improves readability
  • Screw-down protected fluted crown
  • 38 hour power reserve means no winding or batteries to change

Besides all of the well-planned dive friendly features of this watch, it looks great, too! The Aquaracer series is a favorite of Leonardo Di Caprio, who has adopted some models to generate royalties for environmental causes. This watch has classic black and brushed stainless steel components to complement any wardrobe from sportswear to suits without being overly flashy. If you prefer an all metal look, consider TAG Heuer WAJ2111.BA0870 with a stainless band and silver dial.

Side view of TAG Heuer WAJ2110.FT6015 shows crown and case thickness

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 M WAJ2110.FT6015 sideview

Pros: This watch can go anywhere you want it to, from 500 meters underwater to social events after work. It is durable, functional, and yet good looking and easy to read. As high end diving watches go, the price is reasonable. You can find this watch for $2050-2850 from several retailers.

Cons: Like any good diving equipment, this watch will take some maintenance and care. In order to maintain the water-tight seals TAG Heuer recommends annual maintenance at a qualified service center. Regular wear will keep the automatic movement powered and accurate, but if you don’t intend to wear it often, resetting the movement may affect the water seals. Bear this in mind when choosing which model you purchase. The exact watch is also available in a quartz battery movement (WAJ1110.FT6015) if you prefer.

For a watch that will go anywhere you go, the Aquaracer 500 M WAJ2110.FT6015 is a great choice.


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