Tag Heuer Carrera WV1451.BD0797 Gold and Stainless Steel Watch

Written By: Christine Texeira The Tag Heuer name evokes a sense of reliability and durability, as well as elegance, and their ladies’ watches seem to keep these feelings in tasteful balance. The most seamless balance is in Tag Heuer’s Carrera WV1451.BD0797 watch for women, which effortlessly maintains the brand’s rigid standards of performance quality alongside delicate materials and incredibly.. read more →

Tag Heuer Formula 1 WAC1215.FC6219: Glimmering Accuracy

Written By: Christine Texeira The Tag Heuer brand specializes in keeping time with ease and accuracy. Often the attention to consistent time reveals itself in small addons that can measure time down to the millisecond, but such an important name in accuracy has not forgotten the modern idea of watches as accessories and fine pieces of jewelery… read more →