09 May 2010

High Calibre Women’s Watches from Tag Heuer

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The double diamond setting at the top of the face isn’t the only thing unique about this classic offering from Tag Heuer. A more refined version of the men’s watch, the Calibre 4 is durable, streamlined, and undeniably feminine.

Calibre is a word that means high quality, and that’s the standard this timepiece sets. One glance at its symmetrical, diamond-set face and two-tone strap confirms that the company had one type of woman in mind. Someone who is serious about life, quality, and long-lasting style. The scratch resistant case and 50 meter water resistant depth means that this watch is built to be worn in real life, not just taken out for the occasional fancy party or orchestra recital. The Calibre can stand up to what your life puts you through.

When a woman is buying a watch, she has a lot to think about that goes beyond price. She needs to look at quality, durability, and functionality in great detail. At Tag Heuer, they understand that a woman’s watch can’t just be a smaller version of a man’s. That’s why the Calibre 4 is made with care and attention to every part. Women don’t just buy watches, they invest in them. And the Calibre 4 watch is a timepiece worthy of your investment, because it’s been crafted to work as hard as you do.

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  1. Great job illustrating the uniqueness of the product, I found this post highly informative in that regard.


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