Microtimer Diamonds CS111F.FC6200 Is Sporty And Elegant

Marilyn Monroe said it best, that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the Tag Heuer Microtimer Diamonds timepiece is no exception.  Sporty wear has met elegance in a dazzling array of diamonds set next to a digital display.  But don’t let the glamour fool you.  Tag Heuer’s Microtimer collection has won the 2002 the.. read more →

TAG Heuer’s New Grand Carrera Pendulum

Tag Heuer has revolutionized watches once again with its new concept, Grand Carrera Pendulum, which virtually eliminates the hairspring contained in automatic watches and is now replaced with invisible magnets.  This new designed was unveiled at the recent Baselworld 2010 watch show in Switzerland with rave reviews. The balance wheel now operates in a completely.. read more →